Guidelines to Create a Gig

Creating a new Gig is divided in to four main steps. Follow our Savvy Tips to help you create the perfect Gig!

Step 1: Overview

This section includes Gig title, Category and Sub-Category.

1. Gig Title

In the GIG TITLE field, write a title of up to 50 characters. Your title should be short, clear, and to the point.

2. Category

In the CATEGORY drop-down menu, select the appropriate category and then subcategory for your Gig. Savvy will recommend subcategories based on your selected category.

3. Sub-Category

In the SUB-CATEGORY drop-down menu, select the appropriate sub-category.

4. Meta data

Based on the subcategory selected, meta data tags will appear. These can be selected to improve your Gig’s SEO. Note that some subcategories will not have metadata tags.

5. Search Tags

In case the suggested metadata tags were insufficient, you may also add your own tags to improve your Gig’s SEO and help users find your Gig.

Write an eye-catching Title.Lets assume that you are a graphic designer specializing in logo design. There are different titles you could give your gig. Let’s look at two examples:

Option 1: I will design your logo.

Option 2: I will design 4 great logos in just 24 hours From this example we can guess that more people probably went for Option 2 because it seemed like a great deal even if the price points were actually similar.

Step 2: Pricing

In this section you can set the price of your gig starting from PKR 750. Your packages are divided in to three types : Basic, Standard and Premium. You can choose to make a minimum of one and a maximum of three packages.

1. Name Your Package

In addition to Basic, Standard and Premium, you can also add customize your package names. For example you could call your minimum package the Basic Support Package and your Premium Package could be the Maximum Support Package.

2. Describe Details of Your Offering

Enter features you will provide in the package, preferably in a list form. (Maximum 180 characters).

3. Delivery Time

Enter the amount of days it will take for you to complete your Gig. Remember once you make this commitment, you must honour it.

4. Revisions

Enter the amount of revisions you will provide in this package. Ideally, you should aim to provide work that requires no revisions even if you are offering them.

5. Price

Enter the price of your Gig starting from PKR 750. Your next package's price must be greater than the previous one. Keep in mind that Savvy's commission on any gig purchased will be 20 % so remember to factor this in to your pricing

6. Fast Delivery or Additional Revisions

You can also include options for If the customer selects these, they will be adjusted within your original gig. These are important USP’s so choose them wisely.

7. Gig Add-Ons

You can also add up to two Gig Add-Ons. Lets take an example where you have offered 1, 3 and 5 logos in your packages but a customer wants 2. If you have offered one additional logo as an Add-On, the customer could purchase your basic package with 1 logo and Add-On another to fulfill his requirements.

Add Attractive Features in your Details.

Lets continue our example of graphic design. In our features we could add a mix of customer centered and gig related information in a short and concise summary.



24/7 Service

Original Work

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Files Included: JPEG, Ai, PNG

Step 3: Description & FAQ's

1. Description

In the Description field, briefly describe your Gig (Minimum 300 characters). Think of yourself as a salesman selling your service. What would potential customers really like to know about you or your Gig? Try and leave minimum room for questions by answering them before they are asked. This is where you make your sale!.

2. FAQ’s

Additionally you can also preempt questions from potential customers and answer them before they even have to ask! Use this section wisely as customers love convenience and answering questions before they need to be asked can help you close your virtual sale.

Step 4: Requirements

In this section, you can make a questionnaire and ask customers up to 10 questions to better understand their requirements. Thorough questions increase the probability of a successful delivery and minimize time consuming revisions.

For example if you are designing a logo for a brand, you would want to find out as much as you could about the brand so you might ask, ‘Who is your target audience? Or you may ask them to upload an image to help you understand their aesthetic.

Step 5: Gallery

And finally we come to the Gig Gallery. This is your chance to blow the customers away with stunning visuals to REALLY sell your gig. It is mandatory to upload 3 images so make sure they really represent your Gig. You can also upload relevant videos, documents and other files eg. MP3 files. Do your best to wow the customer using all the tools at your disposal!