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United Nations Development Programme - Women's Safety Application

A collaboration between UNDP, SSF and Business Savvy resulted in a mobile application geared towards women's safety. The Application was designed by Business Savvy, to help women stay safe when they're travelling.

Creme 21 - Digital Video Commercial

Creme 21 is a German cream brand with a cult following in Pakistan. With winter(and dry skin) approaching they wanted to promote their all day moisturizing creams with a DVC. They ended up contacting Savvy for one ad and before they knew it, they had not just one but THREE video concepts. They ended up getting two ads made and Savvy managed the entire process from ideation and casting to execution and post production.

Latif Textiles - Corporate Video & Website

Latif is a trusted local name in the world of textile manufacturing. However, their management team had bigger ambitions and had the vision to become a key player in the international market too. There was just one small problem. Their website was outdated (that’s putting it kindly, it was made in 2003!). Enter Savvy to save the day by making them a brand new website and executing their first ever corporate shoot. We’re certain they’ll impress international buyers with their new look, see here for yourself.

Angeethi - Digital Video Commercial

If you live in Karachi, chances are you’ve heard of Angeethi. The brand went viral in 2020 and found popularity through various Facebook groups. They had a very well made facility but with Covid regulations, the vast majority of their business was delivery based. So when the government allowed eateries to set up outdoor seating, Angeethi realized they needed to show their audience exactly what they’d be getting. And so Savvy shot a promo for them that was sure to get mouths watering and customers lining up. The result? Visit Angeethi and see for yourself!

Four and Co - Wordpress Website

E-commerce is dominating traditional sales channels and that is why Four and Co approached Business Savvy to create a website for them. For this apparel brand, Savvy created a Wordpress website that allowed them to sell their products online to the mass consumers. Does your company need a Wordpress website as well?

Salman Sufi Foundation - Corporate Website

In today’s age, your website is a reflection of your operations. And with that motto in mind, Business Savvy completely revamped Salman Sufi Foundation’s existing website to cater better to its clientele.

Revlon - Social Media Marketing

No better platform to advertise your products than the vast social media! Revlon knew this fact and Business Savvy helped them market their products on various social media platforms by creating vivid posts for all their products.

Sahara - E-Commerce Website

If there’s anyone making use of the global reach of e-commerce, its Sahara Online. These guys sell jewelry and household items from all over the world to all over the world! After a bad experience with another team of developers, Sahara contacted Savvy to save the day. Within a few weeks, their site had been revamped and the orders were flowing in once again!

The Clay Oven - WordPress Website

Who do you contact if you’re looking to open a frozen naan business in the US? Why, Savvy of course! The team from the Clay Oven Foods reached out to us and within a month, they had already begun to receive orders on their brand new website, to go with a classy custom logo and stylish packaging. All this was only possible due to our dedicated Key Account Managers who made the 10- hour time zone difference melt away!

BeatWorks - Logo & Aftermovie

We’re very progressive here at Savvy and we’re all for providing opportunities for entertainment for the youth. So when we got contacted by a group looking to form an event management company, we were thrilled! The aptly titled BeatWorks ended up with a catchy, minimal logo, a cool event hype video and an even cooler aftermovie. And Team Savvy ended up with passes to Revive, the first event organized by BeatWorks! Now that’s the kind of partnership we love!

Kary - Shopify Website

The first thing you notice about a product is its packaging. Kary is a platform that not only provides you with that, but also makes it 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Since every great initiative requires a loyal customer base, a navigable website and an appealing product design is an extremely vital step towards it. Savvy was approached by Kary to bring you just that and make your experience at their website worthwhile.

Ilara Health - WordPress Website

Operating in Nairobi, Africa but creating a worldwide impact, Ilara Health works to bring easy accessibility of basic diagnostic facilities to local people. When being contacted by Ilara Health for the development of their WordPress website, we felt extremely honored to give their customers another reason to love Ilara. Our creative design team worked to produce an interface that represents Ilara’s goals meticulously while keeping its appeal. If you wish to use your website as a tool to expand far and wide, let us help you excel in your journey!

Sachr - WordPress Website

An Australian Advertising website that approached Savvy with a very specific goal - to give a much-needed boost to their WordPress site while keeping its uniqueness and charm. Without a doubt, Savvy lived up to their expectations! And if you wish to be a standout too, reach out to us!

Virtual Active - WordPress Website

We developed a WordPress website for Virtual Active that has an interface designed with base colors, yellow and black to aptly represent the brand’s virtual identity. The layout and color-scheming of the website is something that puts them over the top of its competitors. So, what are you waiting for? 1..2..3..GO and look for yourself!

MetPure - WordPress Website

Having an online presence in the form of an engaging website is extremely important for a brand to disseminate relevant information to their prospective customers. With the help of Savvy, MetPure was able to cater their target audience and increase their sales exponentially through their visually appealing WordPress website that we developed.

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