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Every freelancer on Savvy has to earn the right to be a part of Pakistan’s Premium Freelance Marketplace. We strongly believe in having only the best talent on our platform and this is the philosophy that our recruitment team applies while reviewing all Specialist profiles. If you are confident in your skills and have the work ethic to back it up, you have nothing to fear. Put your best foot forward, showcase your best work and let’s get started on your journey as a Savvy Specialist!

The Specialist Profile consists of 4 sections. The tips below will help you in your application. Remember, everything is customer-centric.

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How It Works

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1. Personal Info

This is a fairly standard section that requires your name, resume and language proficiencies. You are also required to give an introduction of yourself so make full use of the opportunity to really sell yourself and your experiences, and what you can offer to your prospective clients.

2. Professional Info

Up next is the main chunk of your profile.

You are required to select your previous or current occupations to showcase your work experience. Once you select these, you will be displayed a list of skills that are relevant to that occupation. You are required to select at least 2 of these skills.

You can also use the Other Skills option to add skills that you could not find in the skills list.

Moving on, you need to add your education details along with any certifications that you may have.

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3. Connect Accounts

Lets move on now to the Connect Accounts section. Note that you are required to add at least one link to a social account as an additional verification process and one link to a professional account so that we can analyze the quality of your work. If the links to the 4 mentioned platforms are not relevant to you, you can use the ‘project links’ option to showcase your work. Note that your accounts will not be displayed to the public however they will be compiled in our database and will be used for Business Savvy enquiries.

4. Account Security

Add your phone number here as an additional security measure. This will also be added to Savvy’s database to contact you for Business Savvy projects.