Writing incredible and terrific articles/blogs, attracting readers and retaining them! Quality content at affordable rates and a short delivery time.

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I hold a strong belief in éclat. What's that? Éclat is bold. Brilliant. Distinct. Just like you and your products and services. 

I am focused on providing you with intentional, distinct, and electrifying copy to amp up your results and convert your audience so you can focus on all the other businessy stuff you need to. Don't sweat it. I've got you. I don't care whether it's for your email campaign, website, social media campaigns, or texts to your lover, I can provide that whopping dose of éclat your digital project needs so that your clients will be wowed and compelled to click, read, and engage. 

With my educational and professional experiences in writing, which include writing reports, professional emails and social media posts, you're in great hands. I believe some fundamental things about words and copy. These are the things you'll get with your copy when we partner up: 

- Clear, concise, and creative
- Emotionally appealing 
- Uses proven cues
- Focuses on the WHY of your engagement

I'm open to working with you on any sort of writing or editing. I'm éclat. Are you? Yes? Then let's talk.

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I am a graduate from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi with excellent written and professional communication skills. I am highly skilled in financial work, particularly in development of financial models, dashboards and financial statements. Doing financial analysis of stocks/industries and writing college application essays are areas of my expertise! Moreover, my strong writing skills, combined with a past experience of writing financial reports, quality management reports, college essays, blogs, professional emails and recommendations, has helped me establish tremendous writing skills.


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Aysha Ahsan
- 2 years ago

I'm very pleased with the results. I really recommend